We understand the value of working together with the community, and we will be an active partner in Dickson County’s future.

Titan Partners is committed to protecting the environment and public safety while supporting the local economy and improving local roads.

Titan Partners, a subsidiary of Houston-based midstream energy company Buckeye Partners, is building a petroleum storage and distribution terminal in Dickson County. When operational, the facility will safely bring North American fuel to the region, enabling local consumers to take advantage of domestic energy production through greater access to low-cost gasoline, diesel, and other refined products.

With a demonstrated track record of being a good neighbor and responsible corporate citizen, Buckeye is committed to protecting the safety of the communities in which we operate and the environment. Learn more here about the commitments Titan Partners has made to Dickson County.

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Titan Partners: Creating Jobs, Protecting the Environment,
Supporting the Community


Who is Titan Partners?

Titan Partners, LLC is a subsidiary of Buckeye Partners, L.P., one of the nation’s largest independent petroleum products pipeline and terminal operators. Buckeye has safely owned and operated interstate pipelines and terminals since its founding in 1886, and is committed to protecting the safety and security of our communities and the environment. Buckeye’s U.S. operations are comprised of approximately 6,000 miles of pipelines and 115 terminals in 25 states, including similar nearby facilities in Memphis, Birmingham, and Louisville.


What is Titan Partners building?

Titan Partners is building a mid-sized petroleum storage and distribution terminal. The facility site is located in an unincorporated portion of Dickson County near Interstate 40 that the county zoned for heavy industrial use 25 years ago.

How is Titan Partners protecting the environment?

The company is collecting water samples at Nails Creek and from groundwater monitoring wells prior to and during construction to establish a baseline, and then during operations to help ensure the project does not impact water resources. The terminal will feature environmentally friendly fire suppression systems employing foams that are free of fluorine, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS), and other potentially harmful chemicals. In the unlikely event of a release, multiple layers of containment systems will prevent liquids from reaching Nails Creek or affecting area water resources. And air emissions will be controlled by the best available technologies, including a permanent roof on top of each tank, a floating roof with double seals inside, as well as a recovery unit to capture vapors at the truck loading area.

How will the facility provide our community with a more secure and reliable access to fuel?

Over the years, Tennessee has experienced significant fuel supply disruptions as a result of weather incidents, such as hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, and other uncontrollable events. When operational, the terminal will help diversify the area’s fuel supply, and bring  North American-made fuel to the region, allowing consumers to take advantage of domestic energy production. And in the event the governor or county mayor declares a state of emergency, Titan Partners will assist Dickson County in securing fuel for emergency services.


Will the facility have a safety and fire protection plan?

Safety is our highest priority and key to every decision we make. Titan Partners’ safety systems and procedures are designed to meet or exceed all local, state, and federal regulations. Safety measures include on-site storage of fire protection water, water monitors to cool tanks, as well as fire suppression systems on all storage tanks and the truck loading area.  Titan Partners will also make a $400,000 donation to Dickson County to help local firefighters acquire state-of-the-art equipment, including a trailer to carry environmentally friendly foam, and training at Texas A&M. Additionally, the company will pay the county $50,000 annually to support rural fire protection.

A rendering of the planned terminal.

How will Titan Partners mitigate traffic issues?

We know traffic is a concern among some neighbors and residents, and we are committed to limiting the potential impact of the terminal’s operations on local road congestion. We specifically selected a site close to I-40 to mitigate the impact of traffic on the community. Titan Partners will work with local elected officials to secure state funding for improvements to enhance safety on Two Mile Road and will cover costs not included in state funding. And Titan Partners will build, at its own cost, an extension of Two Mile Road along I-40 to the facility site to keep truck traffic off Hogan Road.


Titan Partners is committed to safe operations, limited traffic impacts, environmental stewardship, and delivering economic benefits to Dickson County.


What They Are Saying About Titan Partners

“This project would have a positive effect on the Dickson County area, not only from day one, but for years to come.” – Eric Coons, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 572

“Titan Partner’s fuel terminal would provide a new source of investment, tax revenue and employment opportunity for Dickson County.” – Matt Panconi, FM Sylvan, Inc.

Titan Partners is grateful for the support for the fuel terminal project from the region’s hard working and highly skilled members of the building and construction trades unions.

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